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These private spaces allow the listeners to focus on their own state of being, enabling them to control and regulate their affects without interference from their surroundings.

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Eid M, Larsen R. Prior experience leads to knowledge of possible outcomes. Strong experiences with music. The interviews were conducted in Norwegian, and a professional translated the quotations included here.

Music listening is healthier than other tactics, such as eating or smoking. Affect regulation, well-being and health Affect is commonly used as an umbrella term for emotions, mood, stress responses, and emotional episodes Gross, Oxford University Press; a.

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Another woman described the value of being able to regulate her mood after work and before she arrived home to husband and children, and she credited her MP3 player for providing her with this opportunity.

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Emotional response to music: One can then use the music … to take a bit of control, [to] create one's own little private room. Uses of music in everyday life. Several different strategies and tactics can be used to practice it, including, as we will see below, music listening.

All hailed from a Western, urban culture and could generally be described as wealthy and well educated. Stanyek J, Gopinath S, editors. Music listening allows a temporary break without leaving everything behind.

Advantages & Disadvantages of MP3 Players

Music as a technology of the self. Oxford University Press; Finding the right music could be a challenge: Csikszentmihalyi M, Csikszentmihalyi I. Exploring the musical mind: A review and a questionnaire study of everyday listening.

Music, health and wellbeing. How did they choose music, how much did they listen to it, and how did they feel about the music. Contrariwise, a person is said to have low SWB if she or he is dissatisfied with life, experiences little joy and affection and frequently feels negative emotions such as anger or anxiety.

You don't need to be a computer expert to use MP3 players, and they have several clear-cut advantages over portable CD players. Barriers to entry Considering barriers to entry to the MP3 player market, the cost of entry is comparatively low.

Hence, music listening becomes the link. While public environments and urban surroundings can be disturbing and distract from one's internal state, the MP3 player restores that focus and extends or abbreviates one's mood as need be. I can put on the iPod … and manage to relate to people in a different way.

An MP3 file (or simply "an MP3") is a file that contains MP3-compressed sound data. It is played using an MP3 player. You can recognize MP3 files by their file-extension (the end of the filename), which is ".mp3".

Everyday music listening and affect regulation: The role of MP3 players

The audio files of an MP3 cannot even be heard until decoded and played in an Mp3 player, AMP, which was developed by Tomislav Uzelac and is used in Windows and Macs. Through the use of technology, Mp3 files became available to the general public which inevitably led to phenomenon of downloading MP3 files (

/5(5). Advantages & Disadvantages of MP3 Players An MP3 player does not grow in size as you add music and scratches do not cause it to skip. Player Size.

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Compared to MP3 players, portable CD players suffer from a lack of portability brought on by the size of the media they play.

A CD player cannot be smaller than a CD, which is inches in. [tags: MP3 Player, Persuasive Essay ] Better Essays words | ( pages) | Preview. Music in the Information Age - The idea that music is information tends to turn people's heads. The art of information stands as the largest growing field in both business and society.

How does the age-old art of music fit into this category. MP3 Essay Words | 14 Pages. What is an MP3 An MP3 is a recorded high-quality audio (voice and music) file which can be distributed over the Internet, and played on any multimedia computer with the right sound card and speakers.

Aug 07,  · The MP3 player accommodates personal music choices in any context and performs the specific function of creating an individual space for listeners so that they may focus on their own emotional states.

This is an important characteristic of the MP3 player.

Essay about mp3 player
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