Describe what psychologists have learned about scizhophrenia essay

It is usually treated with a combination of antipsychotic medications and psychotherapy. Hallucinations are frequent and long-lasting. The impairment of the selective attention mechanism would result in the senses constantly being flooded with information. People with schizophrenia often have unusual thought processes.

Their emotions and behaviour are similarly disorganised and illogical at times. Certain types of chromosomal abnormalities involving deletions or duplications appear to create a greater risk for a person developing this condition. It is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a mental disorder characterized by abnormalities in the perception of expression of reality.

People with schizophrenia are not especially prone to violence and often prefer to be left alone. Their presence means that the patient suffers from psychosis. However, the main explanation for schizophrenia is the dopamine hypothesis.

Some medications are available in long-acting, injectable forms, which eliminate the need to take a pill every day. The impairment of the selective attention mechanism would result in the senses constantly being flooded with information.

Substance abuse is the most common co-occurring disorder in people with schizophrenia, but ordinary substance abuse treatment programs usually do not address this population's special needs. There are a variety of reasons why people with schizophrenia do not adhere to treatment.

Families working together can advocate for research and more hospital and community treatment programs, and patients acting as a group may be able to draw public attention to the discriminations many people with mental illnesses still face in today's world.

People often imagine a person with psychosis as being more violent or out-of-control than a person who has another kind of serious mental illness. Experts think that some people inherit a tendency to schizophrenia. In the emergency room, a mental health professional will assess the patient and determine whether a voluntary or involuntary admission is needed.

These include the following: For example, the bizarre use of language in schizophrenics could be a result of a fault of the way in which information is processed. If people with schizophrenia become depressed, it may be necessary to add an antidepressant to their drug regimen.

A hallucination is something a person sees, hears, smells, or feels that no one else can see, hear, smell, or feel. The symptoms of schizophrenia fall into three broad categories: Side effects are one of the most important reasons that people with schizophrenia stop taking their medication.

What are the symptoms of schizophrenia. What is more, the symptoms should be observed at least for a month. Thirdly, schizophrenics suffer from disturbances of their emotions.

Because it is not as obvious that negative symptoms are part of a psychiatric illness, people with schizophrenia are often perceived as lazy and unwilling to better their lives.

A large clinical trial funded by the National Institute of Mental Health NIMHknown as CATIE Clinical Antipsychotic Trials of Intervention Effectivenesscompared the effectiveness and side effects of five antipsychotic medications—both new and older antipsychotics—that are used to treat people with schizophrenia.

It is natural that it is difficult to identify psychological disorders accurately. Patients with schizophrenia are often discharged from the hospital into the care of their families, so it is important that family members know as much as possible about the disease to prevent relapses.

One possible cause of schizophrenia may be heredity, or genetics. Some scholars say that schizophrenia is a single disorder while others claim that it is a complex of syndromes. Researchers are developing more effective medications and using new research tools to understand the causes of schizophrenia and to find ways to prevent and treat it.

It is common knowledge that schizophrenia tends to run in families. People with paranoid schizophrenia can believe that others are deliberately cheating, harassing, poisoning, spying upon, or plotting against them or the people they care about.

These symptoms are harder to recognize as part of the disorder and can be mistaken for laziness or depression.


Knowledge and education can go a long ways in helping people understand that schizophrenia, while unique, also shares a lot in common with other mental disorders. Most importantly, the person suffering from it needs our support and empathy in not only getting treatment initially, but throughout their lifetime.

There are several signs and symptoms, which makes diagnosis of this disorder easier. The major ones are delusions, hallucinations, apathy, lack of will and thought disorders. Positive symptoms can come and go.

They can cause great emotional distress. When asked why, the person may say that it felt as if the thought had been taken out of his or her head. Their delusional ideas and hallucinations can cause different models of behavior. Because these delusions and hallucinations feel as real as the world around them, a person with untreated schizophrenia can sometimes have trouble distinguishing actual reality from this altered.

Essay schizophrenia By: Abe Jacobs Schizophrenia is a serious brain disorder. It is a disease that makes it difficult for a person to tell the difference between real and unreal experiences, to think logically, to have normal emotional responses to other, and to behave normally in social situations.

If both your parents have it, you have a 40% chance of getting it, too. Your chances are greatest -- 50% -- if you have an identical twin with the disorder. But some people with schizophrenia have. Schizophrenia Essay Examples.

Psychology Essay on Schizophrenia

total results. An Essay on Decreasing Brain Matter in Schizophrenia. 1, words. An Analysis of the Schizophrenia as a Serious Brain Disorder in Medical Research. words. A View on the Murder Cases and the Psychology Behind the Murderers.

1, words. Describe What Psychologists Have Learned About Scizhophrenia Essay Sample The word schizophrenia literally translates to “to split (schizein) the mind (phren)”.

It is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a mental disorder characterized by abnormalities in the perception of expression of reality. In this essay we will present a brief synopsis of what psychology is and introduce the reader to the primary biological foundations of psychology that are linked to behavior as well as introducing the reader to the major schools of thought in psychology.

Describe What Psychologists Have Learned About Scizhophrenia Essay Sample Describe what psychologists have learned about scizhophrenia essay
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Essay on Psychology. Research Paper on Schizophrenia