Creative ideas for writing a christmas letter

Your kids will love an official-looking letter directly from the North Pole and the big guy himself. Use the shuffle feature on your MP3 player or go to a site like 8tracks.

Of course, they are also a lot of work. Write about a project you started but never completed. How would Christmas be different for you and your family if you were instead on a tropical island during the occasion.

This Christmas letter style allows you to create a keepsake that friends and family will love. Write a poem or story that takes place in that setting. Write about fairies, gnomes, elves, or other mythical creatures. Write about things that make you sneeze.

Write a short story or poem that takes place in a courtroom. Happy holidays from the PurpleTrail team. What is at the end of a rainbow. Number 8 — Lydia was laid off. What would that sound like. There are so many different aspects about this holiday that can inspire creativity.

Write about the anniversary of a special date. Use a photo of a staircase or the stairs in your home or a building you love to inspire you.

Write a story treatment for a sequel to one of your favorite Christmas movies. Write something inspired by the first song you hear. In addition, how many people are you friends with on Facebook. Go to Wikipedia and click on Random Article. Write a poem about what you do when you are alone — do you feel lonely or do you enjoy your own company.

Write about being caught doing something embarrassing. A very modern approach to conveying information, this format is easy and sleek. Write a poem or journal entry about numbers that have special meaning to you. How would you best explain Christmas to someone who has never experienced the holiday in the United States.

For example, tell them about your trip to Hawaii, not the office politics involved in your new job. This style of Christmas, letter is bound to get a great response. Make sure to include some clever Christmas riddles. Despite the fact that these letters are sent to everyone, a good one makes me feel more connected to that person, and really their whole family, and can give me that good feeling that certain Christmas traditions do.

Samples of Christmas Letters

Choose a saint and create a poem about his or her life. It goes round and round. Write a letter to convince him that Christmas should not be banned.

For the writers, create a story style Christmas letter to share your news and updates. Bring on the Cheese: A Day in the Life: You can even get do it online at Shutterfly and let them print your top 10 list on a photo greeting card like the one shown here.

What is the antidote. Give it a new ending or make it modern or write as a poem.

Ideas for Creative Christmas Letters

Ideas for writing a creative Christmas letter - Beauty Through Imperfection. Find this Pin and more on Christmas Letter Ideas by Brenda Fidell.

These are really fun ideas to get you started writing a creative christmas newsletter! Most people enjoy getting into the Christmas spirit by decorating, shopping and participating in Christmas programs and celebrations. However, writing the annual Christmas newsletter is often considered to be a last-minute chore for the procrastinating letter-writer of the family.

Write in an unexpected way – Instead of writing a monologue of the past year, do it in a creative manner, write a “top 10 list” from the year or write the letter from the perspective of your young child or an imaginary grouchy neighbor.

The sky’s the limit! These are free and great for creative writing. Here are 20 Christmas writing prompts for you to use during the last few stressful days before winter break!

These are free and great for creative writing. Pretend the president has passed a law banning Christmas. Write a letter to convince him that Christmas should not be banned. Your annual Christmas letter doesn’t have to be a letter at all.

You’ll find ideas for multiple choice quizzes, newsletters, creative stories, digital Christmas cards and more on the Christmas letter ideas page. But If you’ve already read through the list and want to see how some people have put their own fun ideas into practice, click on a link below to see examples of creative.

Christmas Creative Writing Ideas 1. Some people have the tradition of sending a letter to all of their family members reporting on some of the major events of the year.

Creative ideas for writing a christmas letter
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